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Reliable water management and control essential – delivered by
Rural Irrigation Supplies

Reliable water supply and management essential – Rural Irrigation Supplies

Easy-to-use, cost-effective water management is essential –
Rural Irrigation is there to help.

Rural Irrigation has the expertise and knowledge of local conditions to deliver the right solutions to your water management needs. We also work with the industry's leading brands and products to ensure the right solution for each project, including –

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Water supply and management, Kupidabin Dairy
Dobies Bight (Casino), New South Wales

Consistent service quality and local knowledge is the key to the success for Rural Irrigation Supplies

Dobies Bight dairy farmers, Sam and Fleur Tonge have been utilising the services of Rural Irrigation Supplies for nearly 30 years. Since moving to the area in September of 1981 to start their dairy farming venture to the current day, Sam and Fleur talk fondly of all of the projects they have worked on with the staff at Rural Irrigation Supplies.

Better Energy Efficiency
System Design and Installation
Increased Water Efficiency and Reliabiilty
Water Management Control System

Franklin Electric Submersible Pump
Grundfos Multistage Pump
Kenrahn Filling Starter
Nov Mono Submersible Solar Pump System
Onga Deep Well Injector
Onga Phase Pump
Onga Pressure System
Onga Transfer Pump
Pentair Southern Cross Sovereign Pumps
Trailco Travelling Irrigators

Milking a peak of 235 cows, producing approximately 1.8 million litres of milk annually and managing nearly 200 hectares of land means that when something goes wrong Sam and Fleur rely on fast efficient service to get the farm back on track. Sam and Fleur run their business on the principles of loyalty and respect. Sam referred to these as ‘old-fashioned’ principles, but acknowledged that it was the belief in these same principles by the owners of Rural Irrigation Supplies that had allowed their relationship to be fostered all of those years.

Sam stated very clearly that the service he had always received from original owners, Terry and Carol Brown, was matched by current owners Mark and Jackie Bratti. He was grateful that he could call for assistance, no matter the time or day. He said that Terry and Mark had executed a successful succession plan which had meant that life for customers of Rural Irrigation Supplies felt no bumps when the company changed hands.

Sam and Fleur have spent many years building their irrigation infrastructure which now consists of approx.3 kilometres of 150mm PN9 PVC pipe, 3 x Trailco T400 Turbo Travelling Irrigators fited with 3 ½” angus irrigation hoses. Each of these Trailco Irrigators has the water supplied by its own Pentair Southern Cross ISO Sovereign 80x50-250 40kW End Suction Motor Pump.

Their Stock water and dairy water is supplied from 3 separate water sources. This is accomplished with an Onga OJ800 Pump set up with a deep well injector that supplies water from Eden Creek; a Franklin Electric FPS 4 inch 2.2kW Submersible Pump which pumps from a bore and is controlled by a Kenrahn Tank Filling Starter; and from another bore they have replaced an old Southern Cross IZ windmill with a Mono 400 Watt Stationary Submersible Solar Pumping System.

The dairy wash down system uses recycled water for a preliminary flood wash, the flood wash tanks are filled by an Onga 150 3 Phase Pump, and the final fresh water wash is supplied by an Onga 143 Transfer Pump, the vat wash, hot water system and udder gun water is supplied by an Onga JSP120 Pressure System. On another property the stock water supplied from a shallow bore and supplied by a Grundfos CR4-100 Vertical Multistage Pump unit.

Dobies Bight dairy farmer Sam Tonga

Dobies Bight dairy farmer Sam Tonge, showing part of the water management control system installed by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Rural Irrigation Supplies.


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