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A reliable, cost-effective water supply is essential for every business owner. Find out how Rural Irrigation Supplies can help.

Rural Irrigation Supplies has the expertise and knowledge of local conditions to deliver the right solutions to your water management needs. We also work with the industry's leading brands and products to ensure the right solution for each project, including –

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Cost effective, reliable pumping solutions, Gondwana Nursery
Barkers Vale, New South Wales

A reliable water supply is essential for any business, and Rural Irrigation Supplies lends a hand with efficient pumping solutions.

Gondwana Nursery is situated in Northern New South Wales and began supply the local area with quality native plants in 1996. Since then, the business has expanded its operations, now supplying most of the coastal and inland areas of the east coast of Australia.

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Specialising in a wide range of native plants – from grasses to rainforest trees – requires a cost-effective and reliable water supply. Gondwana Nursery relies on a close relationship with Rural Irrigation Supplies to deliver efficient pumping systems to provide its water supply. The solutions provided support an extensive infrastructure in place to provide a water supply across this multi-hectare property.

Gondwana’s water is supplied from a dam located at the bottom of the nursery harvesting both rain run- off and surplus irrigation water, this water is pumped by a Mono AGR310 Helical Rotor Pump and a Mono AGR410 Helical Rotor Pump, to supplement the water supply Gondwana has a Grundfos SP2A Stainless Steel Submersible Pump deliver water from a bore.

Recently Gondwana Nursery has installed heat beds for plant germination, the heat beds consist of 16mm pn12.5 poly pipe laced trough a concrete slab and is to have hot water pumped through evenly to make the temperature as consistent as possible across all 16 beds. In order to maintain an even flow across all beds Rural Irrigation supplied a Grundfos CH2-40 pump unit and 16 x 2 litre per minute Maric Valves; these valves ensured each bed received the exact same flow keeping the temperature as even as possible.

Gondwana Nursery

Gondwana Nursery utilises two NOV Mono rotor pumps and a Grundfos submersible bore hole pump to supply critical irrigation water to its nurseries. Installed and maintained by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Rural Irrigation Supplies.


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