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Water is an essential part of life, especially at home. Rural Irrigation Supplies can help you cost-effectively source, store, and re-use this most precious resource.

Rural Irrigation Supplies has the expertise and knowledge of local conditions to deliver the right solutions to your water management needs. We also work with the industry's leading brands and products to ensure the right solution for each project, including –

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Complete water supply, irrigation, management and control
Casino, New South Wales

Cliff Chidlow and Cherie Chidlow rely on Rural Irrigation Supplies for their total water needs – from garden to kitchen tap.

The Childows have long depended on Rural Irrigation Supplies for their total water needs – water storage and pumping, including a variable speed pressure system which services home and garden, six 22,500 litre poly tanks for storage, Toro Waterbird sprinklers and drip irrigation through the gardens and hedges.

Design, installation and maintenance
Water and Irrigation Managment Systems

22,500 Litre Duraplas Storage Tanks
5,000 Litre Storage Tank
Drip Irrigation System

Grundfos Sump Pump
Hunter Solenoid Valves
Hunter 4 Station Irrigation Controller
Onga Pump
Philmac Micro Sprays
Toro Waterbird Sprinklers
Toro Drippers

Variable Speed Pressure System

Living on a sloped block and in an area with frequent power outages, a system was needed that enables gravity fed water to the home a for basic use, which also makes an aesthetically pleasing solution as the tanks are situated well away from the home dwelling.

In this instance Rural Irrigation Supplies intalled a 5,000 litre catchment tank located at the home with a Grundfos KP 250 Sump Pump to automatically transfer rainwater to the higher storage tank – now, power or no power, the home has sufficient flow for the toilets and sinks.

The Chidlows have installed an Onga SMH550 pump unit and retro fitted a Variable Speed Drive to it as a trial, they have installed 7 Duraplas Water tanks to a total of 140,000 litres, they have installed an automatic irrigation system controlled by a Hunter 4 Station Irrigation Controller and 25mm solenoid valves. The vegetable garden is irrigated with Philmac 180 degree micro sprays, the rose garden is irrigated by Toro 4 Litre per hour Drippers on stakes and the shade house using Philmac 360 degree micro sprays, the front and rear house gardens are irrigated by a combination of Toro 35 litre per hour Waterbird Sprinklers and Toro 8 Litre per hour Drippers

Rural Irrigation Supplies domestic case study

Home sweet home – water needs, from garden to kitchen sink – solutions delivered by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Rural Irrigation Supplies.


Domestic water
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and management
for your home,
turf and garden.

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