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A clean pool, spa or water feature in 5 easy steps – 

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Using the latest water testing and balancing computer programs, Rural Irrigation makes
your pool service and maintenance  and spa service maintenance easy. 

Rural Irrigation is your 'one-stop shop' – offering a complete range of products and support services for all your pool and spa needs –

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Onsite, Infield Pool and Spa Service

Our infield pool service can be set up with a simple phone call – we'll then match the appropriate service to the needs and requirements of your pool or spa. This service can include water testing and balancing water, cleaning or replacement of cartridges or backwash/rinse sand filter, scooping and brushing down of pool surfaces, empyting baskets and quick inspection of your pool equipment.

Great Advice on all your Pool and Spa Needs

Pool Care and Maintenance, Private Residence
Casino, NSW

You too can have a clean pool in 5 easy steps –
the Rural Irrigation way!

Rural Irrigation has a fully dedicated Pool service area. We offer maintenance programs for all types of pools. With each program you get simple, step by step easy to follows instructions designed to give you what every pool owner wants- healthy sparkling clear and algae free water.

1. Circulate the water.
Pool water must be circulated for the chemicals to work properly and to avoid bacteria and algae taking hold. Circulate for least 8 hours each day during the swimming season. During the off season, filter for at least 4 hours each day.

2. Brush and vacuum.
To prevent algae and bacteria from growing, the walls and floor should be brushed and vacuumed at least once a week. All swimming pools have areas with little or no circulation. Brushing is very important even if you use an automatic pool cleaner or a regular service person

3. Clean the filter, empty the skimmer basket and pump baskets.
The filter is one of your most important pieces of equipment. It removes both visible debris and most microscopic matter. When material gets trapped on or in the filter, remove it by backwashing (check you manufacture’s guidelines on backwashing for media filters) or use a cartridge cleaner on a cartridge filter allowing it to soak and remove oils, scale and deeply embedded debris and then hose with fresh water.

At least once or more regularly if required empty the pump basket and skimmer basket in order to protect the pump and maximise your pump and filters potential.

4. Test the water.
The amount of people using your pool, the weather, pets or animals (such as ducks) and the product application can all affect the balance. Test your water two or three times per week. Or bring in a water sample every month for a complimentary water test and we can advise what you need to do.

5. Use the right chemicals or products. 
Once we have done your water test and have got your pool details, we will supply you with the best program that suits your pool and give you a simple, step by step easy to follows instructions designed to give you what every pool owner wants- healthy sparkling clear and algae free water.

For more information on how you can keep your swimming pool and spa in top condition, contact Rural Irrigation today – T 02 6662 3005.

Pool care and maintenance

A pool and spa maintenance program from IRRIGEAR Stores Member Rural Irrigation keeps this private swimming pool clean for its owners.


5 easy steps
to a clean
pool, spa or
water feature –

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