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Irrigation Redefined

An article from Irrigation Austraila

Once the definition of irrigation was pretty much water applied to a plant to ensure growth and production.

These days, the ways we are using irrigation technology and equipment are growing ever broader, as illustrated by two recent jobs completed, one in northern New South Wales at Lismore and the other in Melbourne.

Irrigation for Synthetic Turf? Absolutely.

Lismore NSW. An irrigation job for Far North Coast Hockey, was completed by Casino Irrigear store Rural Irrigation Supplies. It involved irrigating a playing surface, not of turf, rather a newly installed synthetic surface.

Synthetic turf is used today by most hockey clubs. Watering it is essential as it gives players a soft and consistent playing surface. It also helps players control their slides, absorbs impacts and helps to reduce injury by being softer on the knees.

According to Mark Bratti from Rural Irrigation Supplies, this was the first time they have installed an irrigation system on a hockey field. Equipment installed included:

  • HR Products Komet 202 Series and 140 Series Ultra Vari-Angle Sprinklers
  • 80mm Cast Iron Gator Solenoid Valves With 24 Volt Coils
  • Hunter Industries 12 Station Pro-C Irrigation Controller
  • Philmac Fittings
  • Vinidex 110mm X 100 Mtr Pn 12.5 Poly Pipe.

The water is supplied from storage tanks. Before and at break times during the match the system is run for a short time. The runoff water is funnelled into a holding tank and then transferred back to the storage tank for re-use.

Acknowledgement: This article was written & provided by Anne Currey, from the Irrigation Australia Journal, Autumn 2019 Volume 35 No. 01.

  • HR Products
  • Hunter Industries
  • Philmac
  • Vinidex


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