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When Rudolf Bauer built his first high-pressure manure pump roughly 80 years ago, the world was a much simpler place. World population was just two billion people and even with the small-scale and traditional agricultural methods of the day, food security was correspondingly high. The tools and methods of that time are no longer sufficient to feed the world today. Professional resource management and efficient soil management are now indispensible.

Bauer Innovation and Quality
Bauer has always been ahead of its time with outstanding technological developments and has set landmarks with system solutions for liquid manure and irrigation management as well as with separators.

The more difficult the conditions, the better Bauer irrigation systems perform – recognised as world leaders in intelligent and robust irrigation solutions – including GPS-controlled pivot and polyreel systems that adapt perfectly to changing conditions. With precise directional control and high-quality materials and technology combined to ensure perfect functioning, efficiency, long-life and low running costs - find out more about the range of Bauer products and solutions at Watersolve Irrigation.

Rural Irrigation Supplies (RIS) - leading Bauer Dealer
Experienced technical, sales and on-site field technicians to install, service, maintain and repair Bauer irrigation equipment. After an on-site consultation and GPS survey we will design a specific Bauer Pivot or Bauer Rainstar irrigation solution for your application, accompanied by a design for pumps, pipes and power requirements most suitable to your project requirements.

Rural Irrigation Supplies (RIS) works with clients to develop their goals and the feasibility of projects based on the resources available, including water, land, power, growing requirements and budget. As well as providing customised designs and the right products for each project our business supplies a comprehensive back up service and training for our clients.

  • Bauer Pivot Systems (Centre, Lateral/Linear Move)
  • GPS Controlled Pivot Systems
  • Bauer Rainstar Reel (Hard Hose) Irrigation Systems
  • Bauer SmartRain – Control, Monitoring & Reports
  • Bauer Ecostar – Advanced Irrigation Digital Controllers
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Bauer Pivot Systems

Large fields place high demands on any irrigation system. Differing terrain as well as soil structure, crops and above all, wind conditions, on a single field can significantly impact efficiency and profitability.

Bauer rises to these challenges with intelligent and especially robust solutions – GPS- controlled pivot systems that adapt perfectly to the changing conditions; precise directional control and high-quality technology ensure perfect functioning; a wide wheelbase which provides greater stability under heavy winds and ensures uniform irrigation even under difficult conditions.

Bauer Rainstar Reel Systems

Almost 40 years ago, Bauer revolutionised the world of irrigation with the introduction of the reel system. Through innovation, such as the introduction of turbine technology and the production of our own gearboxes and turbines, we have been able to further expand our lead. Decades of experience in the field have given rise to new technologies and the current Bauer Rainstar family. Rainstar stands for robust construction and long service life under the most difficult conditions.


For A Green World

Bauer is a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced irrigation products for the agricultural industry. Bauer is known for adherence to strict international standards to deliver the highest quality products, systems and parts. 


Rural Irrigation Supplies (RIS) can talk to you about the range of Bauer Pivot and Bauer Rainstar hard hose irrigation systems and associated products, parts and solutions which are right for your irrigation or water management project.



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