BAUER Australia

BAUER Australia

BAUER Australia

You'll find a range of BAUER irrigation and waste water technology products at Rural Irrigation Supplies (RIS).

With its headquarters in Voitsberg, Austria, BAUER develops, manufactures and distributes innovative irrigation and waste water technology. Since its establishment as a small mechanical workshop of 70 square meters, BAUER Group is recognised for its world-leading technologies and products:
– At the end of the 1930s, Rudolf Bauer accomplished the first great breakthrough with the development of a high-speed piston pump. This high-pressure slurry pump offered the same capacity with only third of the weight of comparable pump sets and was soon in operation throughout the entire alpine region. Then things came thick and fast:
– In 1947, Rudolf Bauer made the invention that was of vital importance for the further development and expansion of the company: the BAUER Lever Closure Coupling (HK Coupling). This water, air and pressure tight quick coupling system is now patented all over the world.
– In the 1960s, the first BAUER Slurry Tanks left the factory.
– In 1970, the BAUER Rainstar Hose Reel Machine rolled off the assembly line for the first time and revolutionised the irrigation sector.
– Ten years later, saw the launch of the BAUER Pivot and BAUER Linear Systems.

BAUER. World Leaders in Irrigation, Waste Water, Effluent and Slurry Management.
BAUER, the oldest and most experienced irrigation manufacturer in the world, is one of the global market leaders in irrigation technology. A total of more than 2.5 million hectares are irrigated by BAUER systems globally. BAUER also produces innovative slurry and waste water, process, effluent and slurry management equipment such as tankers, separators, mixers and pumps.

BAUER Couplings.
BAUER is the manufacturer of a range couplings: Genuine Galvanised, Weldon and SS Couplings; and the legendary BAUER HK Coupling System whichprovides quick and straightforward solutions to joining many lengths of hose together

BAUER Australia.
The BAUER Group consists of 16 companies worldwide and employs in total around 890 people and is proud of its strong presence and successful activities in Australia with a BAUER Australia subsidiary located in Melbourne.

Thousands of farmers all over Australia are proud owners of BAUER Rainstar, BAUER Centerliner, BAUER Linestar and BAUER Center Pivots, some of the machines are as old as 20 years but still going without any trouble. BAUER Sales and Service staff has ensured that these machines are operated successfully with minimum maintenance.

Advice. Products. Solutions. Locally source and buy BAUER products and solutions from Rural Irrigation Supplies (RIS) your local Irrigear® Independent Experts — the leaders in pumping, irrigation, filtration, water and fluid management.

BAUER is known for adherence to strict international standards to deliver the highest quality products, systems and parts.

  • BAUER – the oldest and most experienced irrigation manufacturer in the world.
  • BAUER – produces innovative slurry and waste water equipment such as tankers, separators, mixers and pumps.
  • BAUER – is the manufacturer of the genuine BAUER HK Couplings.
  • BAUER GmbH Australia – has been servicing farmers of Australia for last 20 year and more.
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BAUER Irrigation:
Innovation, Quality, Control

Intelligent irrigation is the basis for a reliable harvest and optimal yields. Irrigation solutions from BAUER are the result of over 90 years experience, expertise, innovation, design and quality control.

• BAUER Rainstar – The 'ever-lasting' Hard Hose Reel Irrigators from Austria. Since the invention of theBAUER Rainstar over 50 years ago, more than 50,000 machines have been delivered from BAUER Austria to locations all over the world. The BAUER Rainstar is the best solution for farmers searching a cost- and energy-saving irrigation system with the highest level of performance and operating reliability. BAUER Rainstar Hard Hose Irrigators are also easy to operate and offers an excellent quality and attractive price-performance ratio. Customers can choose from 15 models and 113 different pipe diameter and length combinations to assemble the optimal solution for their specific needs!

• BAUER Pivot and Linear Irrigation Systems – Best quality irrigation systems which ensure high yield to professional land users. BAUER Pivots are low-pressure systems that can be operated at a connection pressure of less than 3 bar. This requires less work from the pump, which also improves cost-efficiency. BAUER Pivots and BAUER Linear Systems assure a very fine precipitation and even water distribution. The water is regularly distributed over the entire field area and can penetrate deep down to the roots of the plants. Irrigation close to the ground avoids puddles and creates the optimal conditions for uninterrupted growth and a reliable harvest.

All BAUER systems operate with extremely high reliability and are unaffected by external factors such as soil, climate or crops; and feature state-of-art irrigation electronics enabling precise control of precipitation and reliable monitoring.

  • BAUER Pivot / Linear Irrigation Systems
  • BAUER Rainstar
  • BAUER Smartrain
  • BAUER SmartConnect
  • BAUER SmartTouch
  • BAUER Sprinklers
  • BAUER Booms
  • BAUER ProRain
  • BAUER HK Couplings and Pipe
  • BAUER TimberRain
  • BAUER Pipe Irrigation
  • BAUER Diesel Pump Units
  • BAUER Irrigation Pumps

BAUER Couplings,
Pumps & Mixers

• BAUER Genuine Couplings: BAUER Genuine Galvanised, Weldon and SS Coupling are simply the best. BAUER Genuine Couplings carry a warranty for 2 years. They are certified for an operating pressure of 12 & 18 Bar respectively. (Please see brochure for correct pressure ratings.) Patented all over the world genuine BAUER HK Couplings (BAUER HK Quick Couplings) are used throughout agricultural, construction, water and fluid management sectors.

• BAUER Clean and Cold water FAMOS Tractor Driven Pumps: User friendly, maintenance-free pumps that are the heart of an irrigation machine system.

• BAUER Slurry Pumps, Bauer Slurry Mixers:
– BAUER Slurry Tractor Driven Pumps. Simply the best in business. Pumps have built-in choppers made of high quality material to provide best results for the farmers.
– BAUER Slurry Bare Shaft Pumps. Suitable for electric motors and Diesel Engines.
– BAUER Slurry Pumps Suitable for Diesel Engines. Gear drive with reverse rotation to suit coupling with diesel engines.
– BAUER Helix Pump. Helical screw pump with excellent head and discharge combination.
– BAUER Electric Mixer:
BAUER Electric Slurry Mixer comes with or without pit edge holder and trolley with 4.5m long shaft, 7.5kw electric motor and very robust chopper blades.
– Bauer Tractor Mixer: BAUER PTO Shaft Tractor Driven Slurry Mixer comes trolley with 6m long shaft, with option of different blades.

  • BAUER Genuine Galvanised, Weldon SS and HK Couplings
  • BAUER Tractor Driven, Diesel and Electric Pump Units
  • BAUER Electric and Tractor Driven Slurry Mixers
  • BAUER Electric and Tractor Driven Slurry Pumps
BAUER Australia

For a green world.

BAUER is a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced irrigation, waste water and fluid management equipment:
• BAUER Irrigation
• BAUER Slurry Technology
• BAUER Waste Water Technology

BAUER is known for adherence to strict international standards to deliver the highest quality products, systems and parts. BAUER GmbH Australia operates a Melbourne-based warehouse facility for distribution of equipment, parts and product support. 


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