Rodney Industries

Rodney Industries

You'll find a full range of Rodney Industries products and solutions at Rural Irrigation Supplies (RIS).

Rodney Industries is widely known for its expertise, quality, innovation and hands-on manufacturing. Our range of products are sure to provide the best solution to your irrigation, agricultural and mining requirements.

Advice. Products. Solutions. Locally source and buy Rodney Industries products from Rural Irrigation Supplies (RIS) your local Irrigear® Independent Experts — the leaders in pumping, irrigation, filtration, water and fluid management.

  • Metal Products
  • Plastic Products
  • Irrigator Products
  • Fabrication
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Rodney Industries Products

Rodney Industries are renowned for their expertise in producing quality products.

  • Channel Gates
  • Custom Fabrications
  • Fire Bugs
  • Fittings (Galvanized, Aluminium, Polyethylene)
  • Hard Hose Irrigators
  • Marani Hard Hose Irrigators
  • ORMA Hard Hose Traveling Irrigators
  • Soft Hose Irrigators
  • Turbine, Piston & Engine Drive Irrigators
  • Irrigation Valves
  • Poly Footvalves
  • Suction Lines
  • Electrofusion Fittings
  • Stub Flange
  • Maxi Stubs
  • Tapers
  • Bends & Flanges
  • Soft Hose Booms
  • Traveling Irrigators

Rodney Industries Solutions

Our focus on energy and water efficiency guarantees you the most economical solutions from our entire range. We pride ourselves on being able to manufacture to our customer’s specifications. Whatever the type or scale of your next irrigation project, from sports fields to sugar cane fields – Rodney Industries are sure to have a solution to suit your needs.

  • Metal Products – complete range of pump fittings, footvalves, channel valves, check valves, tapers, bends & flanges
  • Plastic Products – polyethylene fittings, electrofusion fittings, stub flanges & maxi stubs
  • Irrigator Products – hard hose, soft hose, turbine, piston & engine drive irrigators
  • Fabrication – manufacture to customer project specifications
Rodney Industries

Metals. Plastics. irrigators. Fabrication.

Rodney Industries is a Brisbane based manufacturer and importer of irrigation products. Rodney Industries proudly supply a wide range of irrigation valves and fittings, diesel pump sets, metal and plastic irrigation fittings, diesel pump sets and ranges of hard hose and soft hose irrigators; as well as fabrication solutions.

Rodney Industries has been operating in the irrigation industry sector for over 50 years and have built a reputation for being very high quality and offer significant value to the user. The complete Rodney Industries’ range includes pumps, fittings, check valves, tapers, bends and flanges. Rodney is also renowned for their range of channel gate irrigation gates and Firebug Drip Torches.


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