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Vegepod Australia

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Vegepod Australia is a user-friendly product, packing down into a box that fits in any trunk or back seat of a car. There is enormous interest in our products due to many factors including – shrinking yards, poor soil quality, watering, and the loss of general growing knowledge.

Vegepod is an Australian company that has taken the world by storm with their ‘Grow Your Food’ movement. Following their win on entrepreneurial television show Shark Tank, Vegepod's 'Grow Your Food' movement has now become a major global phenomenon.

In the space of just 10 years, Vegepod has expanded from a one-man band in a garage to 10 offices worldwide, including the humble but fun ‘shed quarters’ here in Sydney. Offices are now in the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, England, Ireland, Canada, UAE, South Africa, Portugal, Philippines, and Mauritius.

Vegepod, an Australian owned and operated business, has a mission to provide anyone and everyone the access to growing their own food. Their specific solution provides an easily accessible, low maintenance and almost fail-proof raised garden bed for all. The unique self-watering, portable, durable and sustainable beds have helped all and sundry.

With humble beginnings, Inventor Matt Harris with co-owners Simon Holloway and Paul Harris living out of the back of their vans, drove across the country to introduce the Vegepod mission and product to garden centres and fellow Australians. Supporting the independent network has been part of their ethos from the very start.

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If you’re not growing chemical free, nutritional veggies for your family – you should be; and it's easy with Vegepod:

  • Protects Soil
  • Easily Raised
  • Easy Set Up
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Control Nutrient Levels
  • Easy To Fill
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Retains Warmth
  • Reduces Watering by 80%
  • Stop Contamination
  • Stops Trees Pilfering Nutrients
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Vegepod Key Features

Award Winning Self-Contained Garden Beds.

The Vegepod was born out of failure, Matt’s failure to be able to grow vegetables successfully at home due to reasons such as pests, maintenance and water. Putting his mind to solving all painpoints, he created the Vegepod. After many years in an array of corporate jobs, co-owners Simon and Paul recognised the brilliance of the product and its ethos, joining to re- launch Vegepod to its current form. At the end of the day, the beauty of the Vegepod is that ‘it simply works’.

  • Container Gardening – Easy to manage perfect for the home. Control growth & veggie quality in a separate environment away from the ground & pests.
  • Self Watering – Ensaure veggie health by using a wicking system, watering plants from below.
  • Protective Cover – Create a greenhouse in your backyard, managing temperature & protecting crops from UV & pests.

Vegepod Key Benefits

Through their portable, self-contained and self-watering garden beds, Vegepod endeavour to provide a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing, knowing the full benefits and rewards of getting your hands dirty, and growing your own food. The unique contained garden beds are loved by a variety of key industry leaders, Donna Hay, Angus Stewart, Jamie Durie, Costa Georgiadis, Tracey Grimshaw, Graham Ross, and many more.

Edible gardening, and indeed any gardening, is not only ubiquitous in private homes, but also enjoyed by many community groups, including those who face some complex challenges. Making it easy for not only the everyday person, the Vegepod team have successfully introduced therapeutic gardening to institutions such as Schools, Early Learning Centres, Age Care Facilities, Disability Hubs, Prisons, Hospitals, Corporate Centres and Social Housing. The healing power of gardening has proven undeniable in spaces such as these.

Vegepod Australia

Grow Your Food.

Shark Tank and multi award winning self contained raised garden bed. Vegepod provides the average person with a simple and easy way to grow vegetables. Our garden kits are the most efficient and practical on the market today.

Vegepod Australia is a Sydney based company with headquarters in Terrey Hills on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Vegepod also has offices in New Zealand, Canada, Philippines, UAE, USA, UK, Singapore and South Africa.


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